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    I bought a Triple Bypass Mod for my MD2 a while ago.

    I can’t find any good guides on how to fit it on my board. Do I have some strange variant of VA1?
    Should I put it on the front or bback of the board?

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    Best regards,


    if you really want to install it on the back all neat and tidy like u see on twitter, then desolder all that solder and remove the capacitor. you can put the cap back later if you want. there are lots of good guides (just try google images) for installing on the back. it looks great when done well 🙂 you can also follow the megaamp v2 instructions for installing the audio part.

    nothing wrong with installing it on the top. once its installed you will never see it again anyway !


    I’ve tried to find installation on boards where that cap exists.

    Sorry for the image but do you think i can connect it between 1 and 2 instead?
    Do even have info on what it’s for?

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    zero name

    you can put the cap on the other side of the board
    best regards

    Luis Garcia Gomez

    hello, I have a VA1.8 board with fujitsu video chip, on the bottom it has this same capacitor, do you have to remove it forever?

    In another vein, I am following the github tutorial: and the RetroRGB one:

    In one a SMD222 resistor appears near point R45, and in the other tutorial it says that it must be removed.

    and then the jumpers theme, for 1.8 it is: 2, C, D-right and E

    but there are 2 jumpers number 2. both?

    I got one more scheme on reddit, and finally installed it, the image is clear, but the audio is not heard, where could the problem be?

    thank you and i feel my terrible english

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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