Troubleshooting HDMI to VGA adapter (RetroTink to OSSC)

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    I possibly have an fault with the HDMI to VGA adapter (sold with by VGP for RetroTink -> OSSC connection) or have made connection / OSSC configuration foobar. I have fiddled about trying to get a sync on AV3 and hitherto have not had any luck. I note that the output direct from Tink’s HDMI to a display works fine (testing simply for retrotink color bar output).

    Tink PSU 5v @ 2.4A
    Tink -> HDMI -> VGA Adapter -> OSSC V3
    Tink output (passthrough)
    OSSC FW 0.82
    OSSC input cycles AV3 NOSYNC

    Any tips on troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.




    To figure out whether it’s the VGA converter (adapters are passive) or the OSSC, you should test the HDMI to VGA converter on a different VGA-compliant display or video processor, and you should test AV3 on the OSSC with a different VGA source. And definitely make sure that you have the input on the OSSC set to AV3-RGBHV.


    Yes thanks indeed it is an HDMI to VGA converter. Alas I don’t have another VGA output myself to hand (I’ll ask around). OSSC cycles through AV3-RGBHV, but no sign of any sync.


    Quick update I managed to find a VGA display and can rule out the OSSC AV3 input since the VGA display also has no signal. Since the output from HDMI is working and the input VGA is ruled out it does sounds like the VGA converter is faulty?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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