TurboDuo loses sync if GSCARTSW sync stripper is switched on

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    I have an RGB modded NTSC TurboDuo that I’m connecting to the OSSC using a RetroGamingCables SCART cable through a GSCARTSW switch. The mod just amplifies the RGB signals coming off the video encoder-the CSYNC line isn’t tapped, meaning that SCART sync is coming from the composite video pin.

    The Duo syncs and displays fine (and looks great!) if the GSCARTSW sync stripper is turned off, but sync is lost if the sync stripper is switched on. This is the only console I’m seeing this with – my NES, Super NES, Genesis CDX, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CDZ and Neo Geo Omega CMVS all work perfectly with the sync stripper left on. The TurboDuo also displays properly through my Framemeister with the sync stripper on as well.

    I’m fine with leaving the sync stripper off for the Duo if need be, but I wanted to share this No Sync information in case it can be helpful and possibly addressed in a future firmware update. I’m happy to provide more details and troubleshoot settings if need be. Thank you.

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