Ultimate scaler chain?

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    Picture this..

    Svideo->retrotink->ossc->xpc4->datapath x4->Tate shooters on a Yoko display

    So what do you guys think, this is probably ultra overkill and might have a fair chunk of lag maybe? Of course the retrotink- is only there if the system does not support RGB but the idea is to scale to 4x with the ossc-, use the framebuffer of the xpc4- to get a pixel perfect scale 1080p image and then have a HDMI splitter, one side into the datapath to be used for Tate games that need rotating and they both would just be separate feeds to the TV to avoid unnecessary processing of signals that don’t need it.

    Is this rediculous? Apart from the fact that it would cost about £1000 I think it would work. Let me know your thoughts.


    You would need some other scaler (e.g a VP50 or XRGB) to properly format the picture for the Datapath to correctly rotate it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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