Updated FW to 0.83 on OSSC 1.6 and remote is not working

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    I just flashed the firmware on my 1.6 OSSC to 0.83, and now my OSSC is not responding to remote control commands. I did all the necessary things like replacing the batteries and holding the TV button, and it’s still not responding. I can’t change the inputs, so I’m unable to display anything other that the default screen it usually displays at bootup. If there’s anyone that can help, it would be much appreciated.



    If the green LED of your OSSC blinks while pressing a button on your remote (but nothing else happens) -> you can try the following:


    Now, power cycle the OSSC while holding BTN1 on the OSSC’s PCB. A target function name (e.g. “MENU”) will then be displayed on the OSCC’s LCD screen. Press the corresponding key on the remote control, if the OSSC receives the code correctly you will be prompted to confirm the new code. Press the same key again to confirm, or BTN0 on the OSSC’s PCB to go to the previous key. If you press BTN0 when configuring the first key, the default keymaps will be loaded.

    Once all remote control keys/buttons are programmed, the new keymap will be saved and the OSSC will return to normal operation.

    If the green LED does NOT blink, there may be something wrong with your remote.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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