US N64 rgb modded tims board and ossc sync

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    I own a us n64 that is rgb modded with tims board and retrogaming cable(packapunch pro) sync on luma (ntsc version).
    It seems it syncs,but the hz says 61.36 hz on the display,and therefore i doesnt get picture.
    Its on a LG22TK410V,its a 22inch tv.
    All my game consoles goes to a w-hydra2,from there via rgb to the ossc and then via hdmi to my tv,all other consoles working.
    Also all jumpers are open on tims board as it needs to be open for ntsc.
    What could be here the problem,maybe settings needs adjustments.
    Its v1.6 ossc,on the lcd is av1:RGBS 257P 15.77khz 61.36hz when i put my n64 on.


    N64 outputs 263 lines, so there is something up with the sync. I couldn’t tell you if it’s something with your install, but you could try adjusting the coast and/or vertical sync slice value.


    Its strange,maybe it could be the packapunch pro cable or the w-hydra2,its difficult to say,maybe i gona try with my vga monitor.
    With my sony crt its working fine,same cable-console,but without the ossc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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