Used OSSC for 5 minutes and Dell monitor seemingly got “burn marks”

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    Just got my OSSC so I apologize if this has been reported before.

    I got my OSSC today, plugged in my Panasonic FS-A1WSX MSX2 via scart and things looked marvellous on screen. During the test the output switched from PAL to NTSC several times as I wanted to see how things looked. When I switched back to my regular input source from the PC, I could see patterns from the MSX kind of “burned in”. I write “kind of”, as in fact the monitor was flipping between correct image and the something as you can see in the image below. Like an “epileptic trigger”. Removing power, restarting, resetting monitor to factory defaults, did not change anything. “LCD conditioning” did not help (but removed the artifacts on the screen while running). For a while I was super concerned (being really dependent on a proper monitor these days). But, slowly, it started to go away. After about 60-90 minutes. Things were back to normal.

    Is probably the monitor, but still. Is this a known issue here on there forums?

    Right now, I got this fabulous OSSC, but I don’t dare using it.

    Dell 49″ UltraSharp U4919DW (firmware M2B102)



    I’m new to this – Thankful for any hints on what to do.


    Do you know if the MSX is displaying an interlace image? I have only used MSX briefly but I was sure that games were in 240p. The LCD on the front of the OSSC will tell you what kind of signal it is, can you let us know?


    Thank you for the quick reply.

    In PAL-mode it says:
    AV1: RGBS 313p
    15.67kHz 50.09Hz

    In NTSC:
    AV1: RGBS 262p
    15.67 kHz 59.84Hz

    BTW: I have now tried testing things on an older Acer monitor. No problems there so far. But still, wonder how the (otherwise great) Dell-monitor was affected like this.


    Indeed I would not expect such image retention using a progressive signal. Have you contacted Dell support?


    I have not, just didn’t know where to check wrt to a possible “known issue”. Unless someone has some smart settings/tweaks for the OSSC, I will contact them.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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