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    Ever since I started doing the RGB thing and got a PVM 20L5, I’ve been struggling to find a solution that would allow me to calibrate everything so that I don’t have to keep manually adjusting the screen size and position to account for games on different consoles with different resolutions. There is very little discussion of this problem online for whatever reason, with the best solution apparently being the positioning controls on an Extron 203rxi. I have tried this route and was not able to get this to work properly – either due to my particular 20L5 hating the rxi, or because they are not compatible with them in general. Cut to 6 months later and I now have 2 parallel setups:

    1. A bunch of consoles going into a PVM 20L5 via a gscartsw and gcompsw

    2. Those same consoles going into a 4k TV via an OSSC connected to the second outputs of the two switches.

    When setting up the optimal OSSC profiles for the various consoles, I realized that one of the things I was configuring was essentially doing the same thing I’ve been trying to accomplish on my PVM 20L5 – setting screen size and position settings for a number of profiles that can be loaded at the push of a button without fiddling with the native TV menu.

    So my questions are:
    – Will I get the desired result if I connect my consoles to my 20L5 through the OSSC using one of the analogue video output options?
    – Has anyone ever done this or something similar?
    – Would this affect the picture quality on the PVM?
    – Is there a different/ better video processor to do this with (keeping in mind the 203 RXI does not work for me)? Preferably one with multiple profiles?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my wall of text! Hopefully this helps someone else down the line, as I know there are at least a few other people that are as frustrated with this as I am.

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