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    Heya. So finally I managed to get a picture in Lx5 with my SNES (Gamecube with GBI worked already without adjustment).

    I used 1920×1200 mode and then reduced V.Active to 216 to trick my TV that it’s a 1920×1080 PC signal. I then have to reduce V. Backporch down to 2 to get the image to display.
    Here’s the problem though.

    The image is too far down on the screen, and I can’t increase V. Backporch to adjust because then the display loses picture.
    However, this leads me to believe that if I could increase V. Frontporch, then I could adjust it to center. Is my thinking correct?

    Actually, there is a similar problem for Lx4 mode, which I also had to adjust (Increase V.Active to 256 for a 1280×1024 PC signal), but not at all as severe as the image does not fill the screen anyway, the picture is just slightly off-center.

    Any chance V. Frontporch adjustment can be added in next FW update? What’s the reason Frontporch adjustments were left out in the first place, is it a memory contraint?

    Cheers Marqs, amazing product and this latest FW is incredibly good already!


    V.Frontporch = V.total – (V.Backporch + V.active + V.synclen). V.total and V.synclen are defined by source and line multiplication mode, but the latter would not necessarily need to be, so I’ve already planned to add V.synclen as a customizable parameter. It might help here, but ideally a customized vsync start offset (currently locked to source) would allow more vertical position adjustment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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