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    Hello, I was watching Unseen’s latest video on your CPS2 HDMI project. He mentioned you guys had discussed the possibility of what he called “roll-in and roll-out” of the scanlines at the edges of the screen, to fit some of the cropped lines into 1080p.

    Obviously the hardware used is quite different from OSSC, but I was intrigued by this possibility and if it could be applied to the OSSC as well in its current state?
    Another thought that occured to me was whether compatibility of Lx3-5 modes could also be increased if the line multiplication was variable so that active area has one multiplication while blanking lines have another (or are not doubled at all)?

    EDIT: Now I got this distinct feeling something similar was asked early in development, and the answer was probably no…


    The current CPS2_digiav prototype uses the same FPGA than OSSC, but it does not need many of OSSC features (SD card support, sampling, A/D control etc.), leaving space for more line buffers. Some of the timing tricks planned for CPS2_digiav are also possible because CPS2 has only single video mode, so it’d be much harder to have a generic implementation on OSSC HW.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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