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    Hello. I am a long time lurker of this forum and am incredibly thankful it exists. Thank you!

    Thank being said, I am having a vertical line appear in the capture of the Sega Genesis Model 1 using HD Retrovision cables. The lines do not exist while using my TurboGrafx-16 (same cable) and can not be seen on my Sony PVM CRT Tv. There is also some distortion seen in the video. I have dialed in optimal timing settings and the lines and noise remain. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: I have a Model 2 Genesis and that is having the same exact issue.

    Video of Sega Genesis OSSC

    OSSC Image


    I think it is a well documented case of “jailbars”. If you type “Genesis jailbars” in Google, you should find plenty of information on this topic, maybe that’s what you’re after. As for the solution, from what I understand, right now you can mitigate the issue (make them 90% less visible… made up number btw) by modding your console (something called a “triple bypass” if I’m correct). I think Voultar is on to something and about to finally find a “100% solution” for all models. Check for more infos :

    Remember, I don’t have a Genesis, it’s just things I heard here and there. But hopefully, it will put you on the right path.


    My PAL SEGA Mega Drive has that same issue, though the bars are much closer together on mine. The Genesis I own however does not have that issue. It’s had it’s composite line cut though, which means it will now only display video via RGB SCART. From what I understand, the composite signal interferes with the RGB signal and causes those “jailbars”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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