vga and scart detecting different line counts and framerates?

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    so I have a setup which consists of N64 > retrotink > hdmi>vga dac > passive vga>Scart sync combiner going into the OSSC (I tried the HDMI>Component DAC that Mike Chi recommended using with the retrotink, but it wouldn’t produce any output at all at 240p, so I guess they changed what chipset it uses)
    anyway, when I feed VGA directly into the OSSC, it tells me the picture is 263p at 59.82 hz, but when I connect it to the scart input (which I do in order to use the low-pass filter) with a simple passive sync combiner circuit, it’s instead detected by the OSSC as 262p at 60.05 hz. my monitor however still detects the signal it gets from the OSSC as being ~59.8 hz regardless of which input I use.

    so I have to ask, what’s happening? is this just a bug in how the firmware detects framerates?


    263p 59.82Hz is correct for N64. The sync processing paths are different for the VGA and SCART inputs. Possibly the sync combiner is interfering somewhat, just enough to affect the detection on the scart input, but not enough to affect it on VGA. It’s possible it could be corrected by adjusting some parameter under sync options.
    If the output looks good to you anyway, I don’t think this affects the upscaling to any significant degreee.

    By the way, you don’t need to use the sync combiner on the VGA input, just select RGBHV as the input mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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