Weird curling issue on top corners of screen

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    I’ve got an issue where these fluttery curls are occurring at the top left and right corners of the screen. I’ve tried 2 different VGA CRT monitors with the same issue.

    CUrrently its OSSC -> Tendak HDMI to VGA -> CRT Monitor. Seems to be the worst in line4x mode.

    Could this be the OSSC settings or the Tendak?


    Not seen that since the XRGB3 days. Try Allow TVP HPLL2x and H-PLL Pre-Coast and post coast options see if they do anything.


    I think it may be the Tendak. I took everything downstairs and hooked it up to my Plasma TV.

    First test was OSSC -> Tendak -> Victsing VGA to HDMI adapter -> TV
    Color sucks, the issue is still there

    Second test was OSSC -> TV
    No issue. Color and quality looks great


    Does this only happen with the NES?


    So far it seems to be the case.

    When I run my SNES, Saturn, N64, and Dreamcast (VGA) from the OSSC to the Tendak to the CRT Monitor, I get no issues

    Either its an OSSC issue or the Tendak doesn’t like the NES timings. When I run the NES to the OSSC straight to the Plasma TV, I get no issues.


    No it’s a NES issue with jittery sync. Apparently your Tendak has problems with this while your TV does not. Some displays will not accept the picture at all. You can get the de-jitter mod if you like to completely fix the issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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