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    In moving house, I have to unfortunately move my CRT out of the living room, meaning that I have to find a reliable way to play my old consoles on my modern LG TV.

    We play a lot of PS1, PS2, SNES and N64 and I’m wondering what I may need to set up BEFORE buying the OSSC. The key thing for me is to eliminate input lag over visuals.
    All consoles are vanilla unmodded PAL versions generally connected RCA-SCART to the television. What on top of the OSSC do I NEED to purchase to even get the setup to work and am I to expect certain consoles to just not work at all?

    Any advice would be great. I’m largely against modding the consoles themselves
    Apologies if this post is in the wrong place


    For PS1: All you need is an RGB SCART cable.

    For PS2: All you need is an RGB SCART cable. If you wish to use 480p+ modes, you will likely want to enable automatic input switching, so the OSSC can handle the switching between 15kHz RGBS and 31kHz+ RGsB without manual intervention. Alternatively, you could continue to use your SCART cable, set output to YPbPr, and set the input on the OSSC to AV1-YPbPr, which would also work to avoid dealing with output format changes during video mode changes.

    For SNES: You might be able to get away with solely an RGB SCART cable (any of sync-on-composite, sync-on-luma, or properly-attenuated CSync); however, the SNES is known to have sync jitter (a non-visible line gets cut short every other frame), which a number of modern displays will not tolerate, and which the OSSC is incapable of rectifying. I would recommend trying with just the SCART cable first. If you encounter sync problems, you will need to either add a scaler between the OSSC and your display or fit a dejitter mod to your SNES.

    For N64: The OSSC only supports RGB and YPbPr, and this console only has composite video and/or S-Video output. You will need to get a decoder (like the Koryuu–if you do, get an S-Video cable for your N64 and a female stereo RCA->male 3.5mm TRS adapter); get a composite and/or S-Video to HDMI converter (like a RetroTINK 2X [Pro]) and an HDMI->YPbPr or an HDMI->VGA converter; or fit your console with an RGB or HDMI mod.


    That’s really helpful, thanks!

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