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    Got my OSSC and hooked it up. I basically input my scart cable and tested 5x on a few consoles. No other options messed with. I have to say, I dont see any real difference between this and my previous $20-$30 Plug n Play HDMI Converters.

    So my question…. What do I need to do? Do I have to start by downloading the Firebrand X profiles and tweak stuff? I’ve read through some of the wiki amd this forum and these terms all sound like another language to me.

    Can anyone help me figure out how to use this? Is there an OSSC for Dummies? LOL

    Thank you in advance!


    Yes, download the Firebrand profiles. That will at least get you most of the way there. Also, you’ll want to test out on a per-console basis how your TV supports the different line multiplication modes.

    Also, scanlines! The difference in quality there will probably seem large compared to the straight image from a cheap HDMI converter.


    Firebrand’s profiles are optional and not to everyone’s taste, it really depends what kind of image you’re looking for. If you want a very sharp image then the FBX profiles are the way to go, for a more CRT like image you should stick with the OSSCs generic modes.

    OSSCs main advantages over those cheapy $20 converters is:-

    Input lag – The cheap converters add variable lag between 1 and 3 frames, making it much harder to play your games.
    Proper 240p handling – The cheap converters will add fringing/combing artifacts to moving sprites, destroy drop shadows and add other undesired effects, the OSSC does not do this.
    Scanlines – OSSC can of course add cool looking scanlines.

    Also you shouldn’t assume 5x will look best to you, experiment and see what gives you the look that you’re after.


    Thank you!
    I guess I’ll try those FBX profiles and check 2x through 5x and see what looks best. And if I dont like it maybe just leave the generic OSSC output to run.

    Regardless of if it’s the Firebrand X or just generic modes, what if there’s a little tweaking I want to do. Is the best place to learn how to do that and what it all means really that Junker Wiki page?

    It seems so overwhelming.
    Sorry for all the questions!


    Before doing any tweaking I would double-check compatibility by applying the multiplication factors and actually playing the games for like 15 minutes at a time. You might encounter weird blanking or glitches. That will help you determine the things that might need changing. That way you don’t waste your time dialing in a perfect image only to not be able to enjoy it.


    That makes sense actually. Tweaking everything to then find a glitch would be frustrating. Thanks!

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