Which audio extractor is compatible with the OSSC?

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    Hello all!

    I have very recently received a OSSC unit and so far the video quality is fantastic! I love how high quality the video output can be on many of my old consoles

    To quickly summarize my audio setup I have the OSSC hooked to a HDMI switch. That switch’s output is then hooked up to a HDMI splitter/audio extractor. That splitter then outputs video to both a capture card and my monitor. And the audio extractor portion of that splitter outputs audio over RCA to an audio mixer I used to mix various audio sources.

    I’ve run into a problem where I get absolutely no audio out of the RCA audio from the splitter when outputting at 5x mode. Passthru – 4x works just fine. Audio still gets passed through HDMI and I can turn the speakers up on my monitor to hear audio from the OSSC. Because of this I’ve determined that my splitter’s audio extraction in unable to pull the audio from the OSSC HDMI when in 5x mode.

    I want to buy a new HDMI splitter that can extract audio from the OSSC at 5x mode. Does anyone have any recommendations?


    Would it not be easier to simply split the analogue audio out from the OSSC?


    I had this problem for a while, but I think you need a switch/extractor that supports 18Gbps 4K, as they’re apparently more supportive of off-spec signals like Line 5x. I tried a few extractors but didn’t have any success with L5X until I got a Portta-branded switch that advertised 18Gbps support. I didn’t test it for very long (because it came in the mail like ten minutes ago) but it seems to output audio over optical just fine in L5X.

    As for being easier to split analogue audio out, it depends on your setup. I play on computer monitors and most desktop amps will only have one or two inputs. If your OSSC is sharing with your HDMI consoles, it’s easiest to extract audio the same way for all of them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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