White LCD of “death”.. but not permanent

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    I bought an OSSC 1.5 (with audio board) back in early 2017 and it’s been running like a champ.. until a few weeks ago. Recently, it will turn on and the LCD will be completely white. If I flash it via JTAG with a USB Blaster, I’m able to recover the device and everything works properly (for a short while). I’m using the “official” power supply and a DVI to HDMI adapter for output. I’m using the YPbPr inputs and getting video from a Carby Component cable (Gamecube).

    Has anyone else seen this behavior? I’m comfortable servicing the unit, if anyone has any ideas.

    I did notice one thing — it sometimes happens if I lift the unit or push the component connectors quickly while the board is powered on, which suggests maybe a cold solder joint?

    Any help is appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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