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    I just got my Koryuu today and I LOVE how the S-Video and even Composite looks. I have been using one of the cheap video converters from Amazon for several years for composite.

    I connected the following via composite (and also S-Video where noted):
    Commodore 64 NTSC (+SVid)
    Commodore 64 PAL (+SVid)
    Atari 800XL NTSC (+SVid)
    Atari 2600 Jr NTSC
    TI-99/4A NTSC

    All displayed fine.

    I hooked up the following ZX Spectrums, all PAL and all via composite:
    Issue 1
    Issue 2
    Issue 3

    The Issue 3 displayed fine. The Issue 1 & 2 looked like this:
    ZX Spectrum Issue 2 and Koryuu (bad)

    When I connected them to my cheap Amazon converter, they displayed correctly:
    ZX Spectrum Issue 2 and Koryuu (good)

    This is not a huge deal as I don’t use the Spectrum that often, but it would be nice to use the Koryuu for all of my composite sources. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you for any help.

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    Can you try cleaning the composite video connector on the speccy with contact cleaner for electronics/Isopropyl Alcohol? That is about all I can think to try.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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