Nintendo RGB Amp

Nintendo RGB Bypass Amp

Professionally manufactured RGB amplifier for RGB capable Nintendo 64 consoles and Nintendo Super Famicom Junior/SNES Mini consoles. Upgrade your compatible N64 console to full RGB or enhance the picture quality on your SNES/Super Famicom Junior console with our easy-fit RGB amp. These amps are assembled professionally using the highest quality components to ensure the best possible quality for this kind of mod. What’s more, they have been designed to be super easy to fit, in either a compatible N64 or SNES Junior console.


Nintendo RGB Bypass Amp We are the official European distributor of these amps, that were originally manufactured by RetroRGB and designed by Borti 4938. Our latest amps feature a slightly thinner PCB, that helps prevent any shorting out on the N64s circuit board shield.

For full fitting instructions, please see this page (SNES Mini/SFC Junior) or this page (N64). Please note these parts are intricate and require soldering skills to fit. We cannot provide technical support with fitting, if you require a professional fitting service see our console mods section.

For ordering information, see this page.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo RGB Amp

  1. Lee Ashcroft says:

    Thanks for the reply.. I’ve just checked out your two RGB4ALL mod suggestions and I will be sure to get back to you when I get my hands on one.

    The reason I asked about NTSC J or U roms on a PAL console using a ED64. I purchased a modified S-video cable from consolegoods and the picture quality for all European ROM’S is fantastic but when I load any NTSC games, there is a ghosting effect, which unfortunately makes these games unplayable. Thanks.

  2. Lee Ashcroft says:


    Is this mod compatible with a PAL region N64? Also, would having this mod installed mean that when using an ED64. All region ROM’s will be playable, without any picture quality issue’s? Thanks.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      No it only works on the N64s shown here – However we can fit the Otaku Store RGB4All mod or Tims N64 RGB mod into any N64 console if you supply us with the part.

      As for NTSC roms on a PAL console, you will not get any colour issues, but the video clock is off-spec and this can cause issues with certain TVs (usually only modern TVs, CRTs are fine).

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