The perils of SCART switching (again)

During a gaming session last night I encountered some difficulty with the picture from my Sega Saturn. After investigating the following morning, I found that one of the SCART switches I’d thought was perfectly fine was actually degrading the quality of my picture significantly. The switch is pictured here, it’s a passive manual one:-

It’s often sold as “SCART Switch Manual Push Button 5 Way”, “Nedis Silver Scart Switch Box 5 Way”, “5 Way Scart Selector SLX Gold” or similar, and is available from  dozens of places and is even recommended by some specialist videogame retailers on E-bay. While it works better than a lot of SCART switches, the push buttons simply do not isolate the sockets correctly. Plugging in additional SCART cables can physically degrade the pictures brightness and add noise, a shame.

I’ve ordered two different kinds of replacement switches that I intend to review, hopefully at least one of these will prove satisfactory, else I’ll be manually swapping SCART cables from now on.

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