Transcoding with the XRGB3 in B1 mode

XRGB3 Video processorIt’s easy to forget that the XRGB3’s B1 mode, while primarily of use for 240p/288p linedoubling is actually useful for transcoding (i.e converting to VGA) 480p component signals too. While it won’t stretch to transcoding 720p or higher, transcoding standard definition component signals to VGA works nicely. The signal must be a progressive scan one, if you feed the XRGB3 a 480i signal in B1 mode it will deinterlace it of sorts, but the quality is generally bad. Having said that, this deinterlacing is very fast in terms of input lag, so it still has its uses in some circumstances.

If you’re using a Gamecube, Wii, Xbox or PS2 with a progressive scan game, this transcoding can be useful in several ways. Lots of TV’s add additional processing to their component inputs, processing that is optimised for video and not for graphics/videogames. By transcoding the component video to VGA you bypass this undesirable additional processing. If you’re using the DVDO Edge and XRGB3 in tandem, this transcoding results in a slightly sharper picture for your 480p games too.

If you’re going to transcode with the XRGB3, make sure you turn off the low pass filter, and remember to turn it back on again when you’re playing 240/288p games.

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