Analogue Interactive take on the Nintendo NES

analogue-ntAnalogue Interactive shot to fame within retro gaming circles when they created their unique consolised MVS system. Constructed from solid wood and meticulously crafted and finished, the unit is the ideal way to play Neo Geo games for those who can afford the premium.

Now, hot on the heels of Viletim’s RGB NES board, Analogue Interactive have announced their new Analogue Nt. A Nintendo NES console with RGB output, a Famicom and NES cartridge slot, 4 controller ports built in and all finished in ‘aircraft grade’ aluminum.

According to the brief press release, Analogue have “completely reengineered the original NES while remaining true to the original hardware.” and they promise “no emulation”. Right now, we don’t know if the internals of the console are some kind of FPGA solution or a real NES motherboard with something like Viletim’s RGB board added. The company promised to deliver more details at the end of march. For now, you can read their press release here.

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