Mad Katz Universal RGB SCART System Selector

Mad Katz are a well known third party peripheral manufacturer, making everything from controllers to cables for all kinds of consoles. The quality of their peripherals varies widely, but their Universeal SCART selector is cream of the crop.

Offering four inputs, the device is housed in plastic with the Mad Katz logo on the front and a simple 4 way sliding switch to select the input. The switch looks a little small when seen on a picture, but in practise it works well and feels solid. The unit also has four suction-cups on the underside, which stick relatively well to smooth surfaces (apply a little water for best effect). Output is via a moulded SCART cable and plug, so no using your own cables this time. The cable is only 1 meter long, but you can always use a SCART coupler and another cable if the supplied cable just won’t reach.

A word of warning if you do manage to find one of these switches, they are very hard to open if you ever did need to service them. The plastic trim tends to crack or deteriorate as you try and break into it.

Brightness/noise test:- Passed, no noticeable noise added, no noticeable brightness lost from picture.

Isolation test:- Passed, zero crosstalk from other inputs.

Conclusion:- A real little bargain, cheap but engineered with videogames in mind, this little switch outperforms many more expensive switching solutions. Highly recommended, if you can find one snap it up.

This switch has now been tested for picture quality using a capture card, click here to see how it performed.

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