New Super Gamecube HDMI mod – Pre-order now

Happy Easter everyone! Just a quick post to let you know about two exciting bits of information regarding the Gamecube HDMI mod. First of all, we’ve been featured by our friends over on the My Life in Gaming Youtube channel. Their latest video goes in-depth with the Gamecube, discussing not just our mod but the pros and cons of playing Gamecube on everything from a composite cable up to the Dolphin emulator. Check the video out here.

Secondly, we’re now taking pre-orders for the new, improved HDMI mod. The new mod has the following benefits:-

  • Much neater fitting (see pictures here)
  • Uses a custom designed FPGA board just for the Gamecube
  • Cost reduced (final price to be confirmed)
  • Original digital video connector no longer removed
  • Use both Nintendo Digital Video out and HDMI out at the same time if desired

If you want to pre-order, simply contact me here with your e-mail and country of residence and I’ll pop you on the waiting list. I’m not taking any money for pre-orders, so you can change your mind later if you wish.

Have a good Easter and EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE!

2 thoughts on “New Super Gamecube HDMI mod – Pre-order now

  1. Greenalink says:

    I’ll probably be the first to ask this but is it possible… to swap my old HDMI/Region free Gamecube with the newer one or is adjusting the HDMI chip’s position from Digital AV port to new spot a bit too much for a request? That new, tidier revision came out sooner than I thought 😮

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