Protection Socket Slot for Super Nintendo Review

protection-socket-slot-2You’ve just upgraded your PAL SNES or Japanese Super Famicom with one of our top of the range switch-less SuperCIC mods and you’re all set to do some region free gaming. Your excitement is soon cut short however, when you realise that your collection of US SNES cartridges is just too wide to fit in your PAL SNES or Japanese Super Famicom! You could go ahead and cut a wider cartridge slot. This works, but it will devalue your classic console and spoil its aesthetic, as well as leaving a big, open gap around the dust cover flap. You could take your classic game out of its cartridge shell and plug in the bare PCB, but this isn’t terribly convenient. Neither of these options is very appealing, but luckily there’s now a third option in the shape of the “Protection Socket Slot”.

Square peg meet round hole

The Protection Socket Slot is marketed on eBay as a way to preserve your SNES/Super Famicom’s cartridge slot from wear and tear. It performs this function, of course, but it also works as an import adapter when paired with a SuperCIC. Since the Protection Socket Slot fits all models of SNES and will accept any SNES cartridge from any region, it’s all that is required to adapt a US cartridge to physically fit in your European or Japanese console.

protection-socket-slot-1The adapter is completely plug and play, just pop it into your SNES and pop the cartridge you want to play on top, then just power on and play. If you have a SuperCIC installed the game will start automatically, regardless of region. The adapter itself seems to be of perfectly good quality, its colour even matched our console, despite the pictured item on eBay being a baby blue colour. At $44.90 it’s a little pricey, but there’s no better solution for preserving the aesthetics of your SNES while still maintaining full region free capability.

You can get the Protection Socket Slot adapter from Hong Kong Style 2014 on

8 thoughts on “Protection Socket Slot for Super Nintendo Review

      • Sargie says:

        Thanks for the reply BuckoA51 – I really appreciate it! I have a Japanese Super Famicom and a US version of Super Mario RPG. My understanding is the CIC is the same for Japan and the US therefore I do not need a board. Do you know if this is a case or do I need a SuperCIC board in my Japanese famicom??

        Many thanks – this is super helpful!

  1. Enrique says:

    How tight the cartridge is fixed to the adaptor?
    I have a different adaptor for my PAL SuperCIC console and when I move the console, the cartridge moves back and forth like if it was going to fall from the adaptor. Contacts are firmly gripped but since the cartridge can move inside the adaptor, I guess it could be bad for the cartridge board.

  2. Enrique says:

    So will this work with all games including those with special chips and more pins? I can see Kirby in the pictures but, what about other games?

  3. Maurcio says:


    A few posts ago you comment that Super Ufo 8 does the same thing and much more. A much better value X ratio.

    I think USD 44.90 is too much for just a passthrough adapter. (I know that SH Worldwide is included but it´s cheap anyway in HK).


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