Rocking with the mods

mod-all-the-things2017 is shaping up to be a great year for retro gaming fans as we’ve added even more mods to our catalogue.

Recapping services for sega consoles

We can now replace the capacitors on the following sega consoles, if desired.

Sega Dreamcast
Sega Saturn
Sega 32x
Sega Mega-CD/Sega CD
Sega Megadrive
Sega Master System

Laser replacements

We can now replace the optical laser in the following consoles.

Sega Mega-CD 2
Sega Multi-Mega/CDX
Sony PlayStation 2

3DO Repairs

3DO console feeling under the weather? No problem, send it to us for a diagnosis or repair. Click here to learn more.

Xbox Refurbishment

Have your classic Xbox console fully refurbished. Get that infamous clock capacitor removed before it leaks corrosive acid on your consoles motherboard! Click here to learn more.

Since it’s only a few days away from Christmas now, we’d recommend waiting until the new year to grab any of these mods, but if you insist you can order them now. Obviously there’s no way we can turn them around in time for the big day now though.

3 thoughts on “Rocking with the mods

  1. Pete says:

    Gotcha, thanks! I’ve found them for some consoles, I was mainly asking for the Dreamcast as there doesn’t seem to be an easily available cap kit for that. Guess I’ll have to catalog them myself and source individually, or just let the pros at VGP do it. 😉

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