OSSC DIY kits back in stock

Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) Barebones DIY kit Just a quick heads up for those of you with high-level soldering skills, the barebones OSSC DIY kits are now back in stock. These kits contain a PCB and case only, you need to source all other components yourself.

Grab yourself one of these kits here.

If you need help sourcing some of the harder to find components, the advanced DIY kits are also in-stock, you can get those here.

9 thoughts on “OSSC DIY kits back in stock

  1. Sean B says:

    Legend. Thanks for the quick reply. Any major changes for 1.6? Does it still require digital audio add on board for digital audio out?

  2. Sean B says:

    Is there an eta on more stock. Haven’t seen an update recently. Hoping to order barebones kit and parts kits soon.

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