PlayStation 1 mods available again, DFO fitting added

We are eagerly awaiting the first batch of 1.6 OSSCs, but I’ve just got time to tell you that PlayStation 1 mods are available again. That includes repair/servicing (e-mail us for a quote), PSIO board fitting and now also Dual Frequency Oscillator installation. If you’re confused as to what a Dual Frequency Oscillator is or why you might need one, have a look at the product page here.

As with our SNES mods, there’s a £5 discount if you order two or more of these mods at once, so if you’ve managed to get a PSIO cartridge, why not take the opportunity to power up your PS1 into the ultimate console? The DFO is a great companion mod to the PSIO cartridge as it allows you to play all those classic NTSC titles on your PAL console without worrying about timing issues or TV incompatibilities.

If you have other modification requirements for your PlayStation 1 console or PSOne (mini PlayStation) please contact us.



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