Replacement Atari Lynx LCD Screens available

Today we’re happy to announce that replacement LCD screens for the Atari Lynx I and Atari Lynx II handheld consoles have arrived in our store. These super screen replacements will breathe new life into your classic Atari Lynx handheld. By replacing the dated original LCD with this new,  modern and vibrant model, playing Lynx games gets a lot more fun. Check out the picture below to see the difference the mod makes (click on the picture to see a bigger version).



What’s more, these kits provide a VGA output option, allowing you to play your Lynx games on your monitor or HDTV (VGA input or a suitable adapter, such as an OSSC, is required). Now, when you are home you can enjoy your favourite classic Atari Lynx games on the big screen too!

DIY Lynx screen kits are available here. If soldering is not your thing, fear not, you can order a fitting service here.


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