Remote overlays re-stocked!

We’ve managed to get our hands on a bunch more of the popular OSSC remote control overlays (yes, we were pleasantly surprised too!). You can buy one with an OSSC here, or separately here. You all know what these things are by now, right? Make your Open Source Scan Converter easier to use by applying this custom designed remote control overlay for the pre-programmed Chunghop learning remote control. Now, there’s no need to memorise button functions or consult the wiki, everything is at your fingertips! 

In other news, we’re nearly on top of the issues we’ve been having with the JP21 to SCART and SCART to JP21 cables and expect new supplies of both before too much longer. We also expect to have some announcements regarding RetroTINK 2X, the fantastic new transcoder and line doubler for composite, s-video and component sources, and the 3DO RGB mod soon.

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