ROW orders to open shortly

We now have our VAT and exporters numbers sorted with Irish revenue, which means we can open up orders to the rest of the world really soon, hopefully by next week.

The things that are slowing us down now are two fold. First of all my car will be off the road tomorrow. Unlike the UK, that ditched them years ago, Ireland still issues paper tax discs. Having re-registered my car from UK to Irish plates, I’m unable to drive it without displaying the tax disc (in fact you need three discs here, tax, insurance and vehicle safety, I currently have one of the three, the other two are in the post).

Secondly we’re still waiting for Anpost (Irish post office) to set us up with a business account. They did send a really friendly rep over to the house to chat with us and he seemed to think we qualified for a business account. However they want to charge us by direct debit. Ireland (and most of the EU) recently tightened up banking regulations to the point where it’s now almost impossible to get a regular bank account that can do such things as accept cash deposits or set up direct debits. The issue is that the banks won’t accept our proof of address, since we’ve only been here less than a month we don’t have a host of utility bills or bank statements (you can only use an Irish bank statement to open an Irish bank account!).  

Without the business post account we’re really struggling to get the post done as using the post office counter is time consuming and awkward. I’m really praying we can get up and running with them soon. Hopefully we can pay Anpost by bank transfer, at least initially, while we bootstrap ourselves into the new country.

Also next week, with a bit of luck, we will have updates on the Koryuu Composite and S-Video to component transcoder, CPS2 digital, Time Sleuth input lag tester and Dreamcast HDMI.

6 thoughts on “ROW orders to open shortly

  1. Noobsaibot21 says:

    Where in Ireland are you folks located/shipping from? Just your gaff or do you have a business unit (public facing or otherwise)?

  2. Dan says:

    Sounds like you’re really up against it right now. It’s making me wonder if my order for an ossc, psu, remote and overlay from late Monday morning made it to the post office.

    Quite understandable if not under the circumstances.

  3. Pete says:

    Sounds like hard work but I know it’ll be worth it dude, thanks for persevering with your excellent service to the retro gaming community, even in the face of mass stupidity in the UK!

    DCHDMI and Time Sleuth coming? Yes. Please.

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