Koryuu is go!

It has taken a while, but we are finally ready to announce that the Koryuu Composite and S-Video to Component transcoder has gone to manufacturing and will be available early 2020.

We had hoped to launch the unit sooner, but an unfortunate period saw the little device stuck in a kind of “development hell” with Ari, the designer, unable to figure out or fix a particular bug. In the end it transpired that our Sega Megadrive 2 console actually had a faulty Composite video encoder all along.

In case you missed the teaser announcement we made through RetroRGB, Koryuu is a Composite and S-Video to Component video transcoder designed specially for use with OSSC but suitable for all kinds of applications. Using the device you can easily add S-video and Composite input to the OSSC, or any display or device that has component video inputs.

The device has the following features:-

  • Designed for use with OSSC, no additional transcoder/converter required
  • Composite and S-Video in, Component video out
  • 7.5 IRE option
  • PAL 60 supported
  • Firmware updatable (requires USB Asp or similar programmer)
  • Uses the same PSU as OSSC, no chance of mixing them up and damaging either unit!
  • Stylish case looks good next to or on top of the OSSC
  • Connect Composite and S-Video at the same time, no problems
  • Additional features, such as smoothing, to be confirmed


Want to be notified when Koryuu is available? No problem! We have set up a waiting list here. Simply complete the form and I will e-mail you as soon as there is a unit available to order.

12 thoughts on “Koryuu is go!

  1. FRS says:

    Will this have a luma sharpening filter on the CVBS decoder?

    High-end CRTs (notably from Sony) apply a sharpening filter to the luma after the Y/C separation step. Modern LCDs don’t do this, and this is why CVBS looks horribly blurred on them.

  2. megari says:

    RGsB and other variations should be possible by adjustments to the firmware, but RGBS would require a fourth output line.

    Saving settings to non-volatile memory should be technically possible, but not currently implemented in the firmware.

    I will have to do a bit of research regarding auto switching to be able to assess feasibility.

    • Alan says:


      “RGsB and other variations should be possible by adjustments to the firmware”

      That would be appreciated! I’d rather use RGsB than YPbPr if possible, thanks!

  3. Jordan says:

    Wish there was an option for RGBS instead – would it be difficult to make an RGBS model? Or better yet a model that can do both switched or even simultaneously?

  4. nmalinoski says:

    Are settings preserved when powered off? If I were to set it to S-Video and 7.5 IRE, for example, and then powered off the unit, will it still be set to S-Video and 7.5 IRE when it’s powered back on?

    Is automatic input switching on the roadmap?

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