Opening OSSC Orders Early

Just to let you all know we’re opening orders for the next batch of OSSCs early this time. Units are due to arrive in the first week of March, while shipping boxes are due to ship to us later this week.

Why are we taking orders now? Simply because Irish VAT is due to go up again to 23%. This means all customers in the EU will pay 2% more on orders placed after 1st March. Customers outside the EU are not affected and will still pay no VAT up front, but will have to pay import fees and other taxes that are usually more than the EU VAT would have been (check with your local authorities if you’re not sure).

The UK is (or will be) a weird exception to this because of some new rules introduced there post Brexit, but we’re still waiting for paperwork back from HMRC before we can even start selling there again.

The rules on EU VAT are changing again in July 2021 and this means that, after July 2021 you will pay VAT at your member state’s rate, not at whatever rate Ireland sets. Given Ireland’s rate is quite high, this should benefit most EU customers.

Avoid the tax hike and get your OSSC secured here.


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