Koryuu Firmware Update 1.1 Out Now

Koryuu, the cute little composite and S-Video transcoder, recently got some excellent new features thanks to a firmware update. Firmware 1.1 is out now for the device and contains several bug fixes and upgrades, most notably:-

  • Settings can now be saved and are automatically restored on power-up (To save current settings, press the INPUT_CHANGE and OPT buttons simultaneously)
  • Instances of the OSSC getting confused by Koryuu’s output should no longer happen, as long as the OSSC firmware version is up-to-date
  • Fixed field reversal in NTSC interlaced mode
  • Optional “no test pattern” version for people with automatic component video switches

You can get yourself a Koryuu by visiting this page. If you already have one, you can read more about the new firmware and how to update by visiting the Koryuu wiki page here.

Stumped by the update instructions? Don’t have the required programmer to update? Check out our firmware update service here.

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