New VAT rules may mean our prices go up or down!

Good morning everyone. If you are a customer in an EU based country (any country listed here), you should be aware of some price changes that will affect you on Thursday 1st July 2021.

Instead of us charging VAT at Ireland’s rate of 23% across all of our store, we will now charge the rate of VAT that’s applicable for the customers home country, in line with the new EU rules.

So what that means is, if you order on or after 1st July 2021 and you are a customer in Spain, for instance, you would pay 21% VAT on your purchase. If you live in Bulgaria, you’d pay 20%. That’s less than the 23% VAT you would have paid if you’d ordered in June.

Ireland’s rate of 23% is high compared to a lot of places in the EU, but it’s not the highest. The following countries have higher VAT rates and so customers there will see a price increase. Customers in these countries might want to order now to save money.

  • Denmark (25%)
  • Greece (24%)
  • Finland (24%)
  • Croatia (25%)
  • Hungary (27%) (Yowzers!)
  • Sweden (25%)

There are no changes for customers ordering from outside of the EU and no further changes for UK customers.

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