Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


So I just got my OSSC and have a Panasonic 65VT60.. Have been attempting to use BonzoBits’ SNES settings, I’m going through a gscartsw with sync stripping turned off, so it’s passing through the SNES’s CSYNC, the other simultaneous output to my PVM is working fine, and the OSSC’s HDMI out is going directly to the VT60 and doesn’t have a receiver in the way. I still can’t get anything but the 480p Line2x out of it though. I’m following BonzoBits’s SNES/Line4x/Optim 256 x 240 to a T. Anything I could be overlooking that wouldn’t allow me to use the x3 and up modes? Would it just be the fact that I’m using the HDMI model and BonzoBits has the DVI one?

Also, just tried some Super Mario World in Line2x mode, and am getting some constant high frequency white noise in the sound channels… Doesn’t exist in my direct speaker connection to the gscartsw, so this is definitely an issue with the OSSC..