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    so the ntsc games running on pal ps2 will still count as 60hz?

    I’m picking that tv up tomorrow so we’ll find out soon enough 🙂

    thanks for your help


    Been trying to get Genesis Line 4x working on my Panasonic UT50, using BonzoBits VT60 settings as a starting point (OPTIM – Basic, Genesis Line 4x )

    I can get a “picture” on screen, but it’s sure not where it needs to be 🙂

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    Is this simply not going to work on this TV? Or are there particular settings that I can still play around with to try to stabilize the image?



    “@trixster: funny thing is that those tweaked vertical parameters are somewhat invalid as I noted in a follow-up post, and I think on older firmwares that would have resulted to DE being active during VSYNC. While you had it working, did the TV report the mode as 576p or 800×600?”

    Sorry I missed your reply! With the GT50 and 0.76 the TV displays 576p when running PAL PS1 games. The OSSC displays 314p 15.62kHz 49.76Hz.

    With 0.77 and 0.78 i cannot get the tv to display PAL games at all.


    MY Samsung tv works great on x2, on x3 while I get a perfect picture I cannot hear any sound/audio, do you have any potential fx for this ? Thanks a million

    Edit: Found another thread, could be the almighty snes not providing a in spec signal for a change 🙂


    Has there been any progress on breaking the Sony barrier? My KDL-40W730C loves 2x mode for SNES, but won’t do anything above that.
    Curiously, though, it does continue to play audio for 3x and 4x. Is this normal for other people with incompatibility issues?
    I’ve tried the settings from the OP, but have had no luck. Any Sony-specific tips I could have a go at?

    This TV does have a PC mode, and before buying the OSSC I ran some tests with nvidia’s custom resolution option. It would take pretty much anything I threw at it with the timings Marqs suggested in the thread on the shmups forums, but unfortunately that wasn’t indicitave of the OSSC itself.

    Edit: It might be worth noting that my TV will only display an image for the 4:3 mode, nothing else.
    Double edit: Reading the wiki and it says that 256×240 requires clock and phase adjustments! Will mess with that tomorrow, This could be the source of my problems…
    Edit 3: nope never mind!!


    @marqs yes; my monitor supports x4 and x5 for 240p content, but 480i and 480p doubling modes seem to be unsupported. I’ve been reading some of the mega forum thread over at the shmups forum for the first time; when a doubling mode doesn’t appear to initially work, then it sounds like timing tweaks might get things working, but I haven’t delved too deeply into these, so I’m unsure which of the settings I would typically have to tweak first.


    So I just got my OSSC and have a Panasonic 65VT60.. Have been attempting to use BonzoBits’ SNES settings, I’m going through a gscartsw with sync stripping turned off, so it’s passing through the SNES’s CSYNC, the other simultaneous output to my PVM is working fine, and the OSSC’s HDMI out is going directly to the VT60 and doesn’t have a receiver in the way. I still can’t get anything but the 480p Line2x out of it though. I’m following BonzoBits’s SNES/Line4x/Optim 256 x 240 to a T. Anything I could be overlooking that wouldn’t allow me to use the x3 and up modes? Would it just be the fact that I’m using the HDMI model and BonzoBits has the DVI one?

    Also, just tried some Super Mario World in Line2x mode, and am getting some constant high frequency white noise in the sound channels… Doesn’t exist in my direct speaker connection to the gscartsw, so this is definitely an issue with the OSSC..


    polyh3dron, could you direct me to BonzoBits’ settings that you’re referring to? I wonder if that would help my situation.


    There is a link to BonzoBits’ settings in the OP of this thread. The instructions in the OP are also basically what he did, so try those out.


    Anyone have any advice for me to get anything more than 480p out of my OSSC to display on my VT60 plasma using Bonzobits’s settings? I’m pretty stumped. And it doesn’t just happen with my SNES, but also happens with my NESRGB modded AV Famicom and my RGB-modded N64 modded by Voultar.

    I’m bummed because I was really hyped to replace my Framemeister with this less laggy alternative.

    Could it be that BonzoBits is using DVI while I’m using HDMI with my newer OSSC and the HDMI cable can’t carry the nonstandard resolutions and refresh rates?


    Anyone have any advice for me to get anything more than 480p out of my OSSC to display on my VT60 plasma using Bonzobits’s settings?

    I think it’s quite simple. First, start with generic 4:3 mode. Don’t try the optimized modes until you can get generic working. After you have set x3 or x4 mode, adjust V. active to 256. Then reduce V. backporch until you get an image. On my TV, I had to go down to 3 until an image appeared. If you get down to 1 and have no image, there is probably not much else you can do.

    This worked for me on a Panasonic GT60Y using a GameCube (240p test suite and Game Boy Interface). I’m waiting for cables for my other consoles so I can’t say how much success I will have with those. I was planning on maybe writing a post once I can test more consoles.


    So I’ve been trying to hunt down optimal timings for 2x 480p mode on the XBOX component output signal and I’ve come to the conclusion that it can’t be done. Every setting of H. samplerate has some sort of interpolation. To make certain, I found raw screenshots of Capcom vs SNK 2 EO that showed the game most definitely ran in 640×448. When I zero in on the width of a groove bar and adjust H. samplerate to match it (and fine-tuning with sampling phase), I found the vertical grid lines of the groove bar were a mess from the live feed, even though the total width matched identically with the raw bitmap image. Now I will point out this technique worked flawlessly when I wanted to find the optimal timing of FFX on the PS2. Once I learned the game ran at 512×416, I based the H. samplerate on that and the pixels came into perfect clarity. This is just not working for 480p XBOX, and I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’m of the opinion that component output on the Xbox does some sort of interpolation such that you can never get perfect clarity of the pixels.



    Okay so this took some serious testing to discover, but it turns out the default 720x480p H. samplerate of 858 really is correct for the XBOX. The smearing of pixels is actually coming from the XBOX itself! On Capcom vs SNK 2 EO, the 640 width is extended to 654, causing grids in some of the grooves and other frames to be linearly interpolated on the horizontal axis. It’s the weirdest quirk of console graphic output I’ve seen yet, and I don’t understand why the XBOX version of this game does this.


    Some Xbox games use different resolutions too for instance Burnout 2 seems to be 640×480. Certainly it has borders without changing sampling rate anyway.


    I’m having difficulty determining whether my newly acquired Sony KDL-55W802A has the necessary PC capability/resolutions described here. The manual does list “HDMI PC Input” but I’m not sure if that qualifies it for this solution.

    Spec Sheet
    PC Connectivity and Signal Info

    The listed PC video input signals are:

    640 x 480, 31.5 kHz/60 Hz
    800 x 600, 37.9 kHz/60 Hz
    1024 x 768, 48.4 kHz/60 Hz
    1280 x 768, 47.4 kHz/60 Hz and 47.8 kHz/60 Hz
    1360 x 768, 47.7 kHz/60 Hz
    1280 x 1024, 64.0 kHz/60 Hz (Full HD model only)
    1920 x 1080, 67.5 kHz/60 Hz (Full HD model only)*

    Currently, only 2x works, with default OSSC settings. 3x, 4x and 5x all supply audio but no video signal. 3x displays “Unsupported Signal” but 4x and 5x are just blank/cycling(unless I switch to TX Mode: DVI, then I get “Unsupported Signal”), which I thought may be a good sign.

    I’ve attempted the solution in the OP with no success, but I’m unsure if I am missing part of the equation. For an SNES/Genesis to send 3x/4x/5x, does the Adv. timing need to be 960×240/1280×240/1536×240 respectively? Would they all require adjustment to 256 V. Active and V. backporch reduction? I’ve tried it in AND out of TX mode DVI/HDMI with no success.

    Fundimentally, I guess I am just not quite understanding why the TV isn’t recognizing the 3x/4x/5x signals if all they’re doing is integer multiplying. If it can recognize a line doubled signal, shouldn’t any 1080p device be able to accept a line tripled/quadrupled/quintupled signal, as well? Is it just a matter of finding the correct Sampling/Timing configuration or is it a hardware issue?

    I appreciate everyone’s efforts to broaden compatibility and educate the end-user. If you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

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