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    I just performed the RGB mod on my NTSC N64 and connected to my 60″ 1080P HDTV via SNES Composite Sync SCART to the OSSC – I was able to output 480i in pass-through, 480P in 2x, 720P in 3x, 1280×1024 in 4x (is this right? I thought it would 4×240 not 4×256?), and 1080P cropped in 5x.

    All options look more pixelated/dithered/blocky than what I was hoping to see. I attribute this to a couple things:

    1. Personal exposure to better 3D graphics has altered my perception of how immersive the 3D graphics look on this system
    2. The large 60″ screen is the biggest contributing factor to why the visuals are “poor” compared to smaller displays common to this era

    I think I might have a more enjoyable experience if I was able to produce a 2x (480p) or 3x(720p) scanline image in a 1080P frame for pixel-perfect presentation (with very large black bars around the dot-for-dot image) effectively shrinking my screen. Is there a guide or output method so I may “shrink” my output for this effect?

    Which RGB mod? The simple bypass, Tim Worthington’s, or one of Borti’s?

    Retrofix’s N64 RGB Upgrade Kit (simple THS7316 amp on an early US N64). I should have gone with another board design. I did not integrate the N64’s Csync into the mod board as this board does not have a c-sync jumper or C-sync solder point. I’m using an unshielded Chinese SNES NTSC SCART cable. The OSSC is getting sync in RGBS format with component video sync. There’s no discernible difference in OSSC sync LPF options and from my eye test I don’t see any jailbars, sync stuttering, or discoloration so I feel fortunate in this regard. I’m not sure what improvement I would see from a sync on luma or shielded cable, but perhaps I am mistaken.

    I believe a UltraHDMI, Tim Worthington’s or Borti’s de-blur option would NOT alleviate what I’ve described as a dithered/blocky image. From what I understand, that would actually be more blocky as it get’s a sharper image and removes some anti-aliasing.

    Reducing my TV’s sharpness setting to 0 has assisted to some degree, but comparing to Youtube videos on a laptop screen my 60″ 1080P TV is producing a blockier image with more visible dithering.

    The 1280×1024 TV mode when OSSC is outputting 4x does appear to be windowboxing.

    I’m not sure I’m following you on the 4K suggestion because wouldn’t that still be a large full screen image?



    I have a Panasonic TX-P50X50B and L3X-L5X don’t work. I’m in the U.K so I use PAL and need some help please 🙂
    I have the latest OSSC firmware and I want to use the 3x Generic 16:9 as my TV does not support game mode in it’s 4:3 mode and i’ve heard generic 16:9 will display 4:3 with black bars left and right on widescreen displays. Many Thanks


    If you have tried the various tweaks in the OP of this thread and it didn’t work, then I’m afraid your TV is simply not compatible. The tweaks are not as likely to work with PAL consoles, because the PC modes that are being aimed for expect 60Hz signal.

Viewing 3 posts - 166 through 168 (of 168 total)
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