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Anyone have any advice for me to get anything more than 480p out of my OSSC to display on my VT60 plasma using Bonzobits’s settings?

I think it’s quite simple. First, start with generic 4:3 mode. Don’t try the optimized modes until you can get generic working. After you have set x3 or x4 mode, adjust V. active to 256. Then reduce V. backporch until you get an image. On my TV, I had to go down to 3 until an image appeared. If you get down to 1 and have no image, there is probably not much else you can do.

This worked for me on a Panasonic GT60Y using a GameCube (240p test suite and Game Boy Interface). I’m waiting for cables for my other consoles so I can’t say how much success I will have with those. I was planning on maybe writing a post once I can test more consoles.