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I’m having difficulty determining whether my newly acquired Sony KDL-55W802A has the necessary PC capability/resolutions described here. The manual does list “HDMI PC Input” but I’m not sure if that qualifies it for this solution.

Spec Sheet
PC Connectivity and Signal Info

The listed PC video input signals are:

640 x 480, 31.5 kHz/60 Hz
800 x 600, 37.9 kHz/60 Hz
1024 x 768, 48.4 kHz/60 Hz
1280 x 768, 47.4 kHz/60 Hz and 47.8 kHz/60 Hz
1360 x 768, 47.7 kHz/60 Hz
1280 x 1024, 64.0 kHz/60 Hz (Full HD model only)
1920 x 1080, 67.5 kHz/60 Hz (Full HD model only)*

Currently, only 2x works, with default OSSC settings. 3x, 4x and 5x all supply audio but no video signal. 3x displays “Unsupported Signal” but 4x and 5x are just blank/cycling(unless I switch to TX Mode: DVI, then I get “Unsupported Signal”), which I thought may be a good sign.

I’ve attempted the solution in the OP with no success, but I’m unsure if I am missing part of the equation. For an SNES/Genesis to send 3x/4x/5x, does the Adv. timing need to be 960×240/1280×240/1536×240 respectively? Would they all require adjustment to 256 V. Active and V. backporch reduction? I’ve tried it in AND out of TX mode DVI/HDMI with no success.

Fundimentally, I guess I am just not quite understanding why the TV isn’t recognizing the 3x/4x/5x signals if all they’re doing is integer multiplying. If it can recognize a line doubled signal, shouldn’t any 1080p device be able to accept a line tripled/quadrupled/quintupled signal, as well? Is it just a matter of finding the correct Sampling/Timing configuration or is it a hardware issue?

I appreciate everyone’s efforts to broaden compatibility and educate the end-user. If you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.