Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread



I’m new to the OSCC scene as I lost my crt this summer and I was talking to somebody at Awesome Games Done Quick and they said the best thing to use for newer tvs to have less lag is the OSCC. So I ordered one and just got it in the mail today. I was reading though here about how the elegato capture hd doesn’t work and saw people saying the elgato cam link works (just ordered that today, which is good because it looks like amazon is clearing them out). So basically what I’m getting at is I’m using this with either my famicom or super famicom with component cables.
So i’m just wondering on other peoples set up who are using the elgato cam link. I know I’ll be going from the snes to the oscc to the cam link to then a splitter (the one Vince posted). Now my question would it be advisable to go from that splitter to a hdmi switch box or directly to the tv?