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    @MCLilBas – I have that splitter and used it a lot. Its works well with no lag and has the added benefit of bypassing HDCP from systems like the PS3.


    I purchased it just for the PS3 so I could stream PS3 games! Yeah, it’s great! but just was wondering if it doesn’t lag with the OSSC!
    Thank you for confirming that!
    I am just thinking of getting the Elgato Cam Link, but still don’t know if it works without a camera or you need to have a camera to capture games!


    Hello everyone!

    I finally received my Elgato Cam Link (the Package got lost in transit, a bit of bad luck unfortunately but in the end, everything’s fine!)

    I have great news. As mentionned in an earlier post by @owlnonymous, the Elgato Cam Link was already working with Line2-3-4x as he reported.
    As soon as I got the Capture Card, I plugged it into my computer, turned on the OSSC and selected Line5x mode using my RGB Modded N64 and BAM! it worked right away. The Elgato Cam Link took the signal like a champ and it looks so amazing. I highly recommend this capture card as it is extremely versatile with pretty much anything you feed it in 🙂

    If you are curious about the results, I streamed all of my tests with many N64 games and Spyro the Dragon on my slim PS2.



    Greaaat! Congratsss! 🙂

    I am getting it!

    Thank a lot for sharing your feedback!!!


    Did you hook it up to a HDMI splitter?


    Yes! I use the following HDMI splitter (Important that’s it’s HDMI 1.3+ if you’re planning on buying a different one)


    Hello. I would like to record my game footage in 60fps.
    I own a OSSC but in my version, the audio does not output through the hdmi.
    So it would require a capture card with an audio input, right?
    Which one do you recommend ?
    Have a nice day and thank you for everything.


    I used the AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme (GC550), and for all the consoles I had, only Line2x was supported, which was good, but highly a shame as I wanted to record my favorite machines on at least a 720p resolution.

    I now use an Elgato Cam Link, as advised by Vince, and it does work extremely well as I can now record on line3x and onward (even 5x, which is absolutely surprising for such a small device, ahah)

    However, I have a major problem, when it comes to recording the SNES, and Nintendo 64 on Line3x/Line4x : when I try to do so, it has major & quick screen distorsions, and I don’t know how to fix them. Of course, I use the official SCART cable from the SNES. However, on Line2X, no problem.

    In case of: My SNES is a PAL which has a SuperCIC installed, and my N64 is a NUS-FRA (thus, RGB modified).

    Video showcasing the problem:


    Thank you for your answer. I also own a N64 NUS-FRA RGB one so the Elgato Cam Link is not an option.
    I asked “My life in gaming” on facebook and they gave me those products as a viable solution. USB 3.0 HDMI
    and also the Epiphan brand but I did not find a device which also captures audio.

    I do own a board with analogue audio output so Hdmi capture cards with no analogue audio is not a solution.

    However, I found something interesting, the DVI + analogue audio to HDMI converters. Do those devices add lag ? Do I have to use a dvi + audio splitter to record ?


    Bucko has looked at a few audio injectors, check the reviews section. Unfortunately, iirc the verdict was generally not very good.

    Also, from a naïve point of view (I haven’t done video capturing at all, so sorry if I’m just being dumb now) can’t you simply connect the audio to the line in of the computer, and then choose that line in as a source in the capture software?


    I only found one review and indeed, it was poorly rated.
    Do you mean that I can put the 3.5 mm jack OSSC output into the microphone slot of my laptop and record the audio this way ?
    Well so I do not have to care about DVI any more…

    So which capture device do you suggest for a RGB modded N64 ?


    Question for some of the people in here using the Elgato Cam Link. I’m starting to stream and my current capture card can’t capture anything higher than 2x on my OSSC so after looking into Cam Link it sounds like the way to go but do you users ever see any flickering in your footage or streams?

    If you watch this video you can see what I mean at the 1:04:07 mark, it happens at other places in the video too and is only for a split second.
    Example Video

    The quality looks great but I’m striving for perfection here haha. Any help would be great just to know if this is a common problem or can be fixed.


    Hi WonderBoy!

    I own an Elgato Cam Link and never had that issue with my current setup. Can you please let me know which firmware version your OSSC is running on? Also, I know you probably do already, but do you have everything up to date? (OBS, Elgato Cam Link drivers, etc.) Are you capturing the Elgato Cam Link signal directly from OBS or are you using the Elgato Game Capture HD Software/Plugin? Sorry for all the questions but it’ll help with the trouble shooting 😀 Looked great nonetheless!



    I’m new to the OSCC scene as I lost my crt this summer and I was talking to somebody at Awesome Games Done Quick and they said the best thing to use for newer tvs to have less lag is the OSCC. So I ordered one and just got it in the mail today. I was reading though here about how the elegato capture hd doesn’t work and saw people saying the elgato cam link works (just ordered that today, which is good because it looks like amazon is clearing them out). So basically what I’m getting at is I’m using this with either my famicom or super famicom with component cables.
    So i’m just wondering on other peoples set up who are using the elgato cam link. I know I’ll be going from the snes to the oscc to the cam link to then a splitter (the one Vince posted). Now my question would it be advisable to go from that splitter to a hdmi switch box or directly to the tv?


    UPDATE: okay so it turns out I had a usb bandwidth issue so I moved my stuff around and now cam link is working properly. I can say that on my N64 (RGB modded), the Elgato Cam link works with OSSC’s 2X,3X,4X AND 5X.

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