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    I used the AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme (GC550), and for all the consoles I had, only Line2x was supported, which was good, but highly a shame as I wanted to record my favorite machines on at least a 720p resolution.

    I now use an Elgato Cam Link, as advised by Vince, and it does work extremely well as I can now record on line3x and onward (even 5x, which is absolutely surprising for such a small device, ahah)

    However, I have a major problem, when it comes to recording the SNES, and Nintendo 64 on Line3x/Line4x : when I try to do so, it has major & quick screen distorsions, and I don’t know how to fix them. Of course, I use the official SCART cable from the SNES. However, on Line2X, no problem.

    In case of: My SNES is a PAL which has a SuperCIC installed, and my N64 is a NUS-FRA (thus, RGB modified).

    Video showcasing the problem:

    I recently bought Elgato Cam Link and had the same problem. After trying tweaking the settings I found a solution. Set “Allow TVP HPLL2x” On, and if the picture still jitters, set v.synclen to 7 and v.backporch to 10. This is for 3x mode.


    Hey there! Been using an OSSC for a while and have been extremely happy with the results so far. I decided to update my capture device to a Elgato Cam Link.. Most systems work fine with it and exceeded my expectations, both on my monitor and the Cam Link. SNES, however, seems to be the weird edge case as always. It works okay for the MOST part, but then will flicker very quickly, as if losing sync. This is similar to what was is ChowW’s video, but extremely brief. The monitor has no such flicker, so I figure it’s got to be something with how the device is receiving it. Have an example of what it looks like when this happens!


    It’s usually for only one frame and then the picture reverts.

    I tried a few of settings Hypertreme mentioned above and I couldn’t tell if it was working or not in the long haul. This also happens on both Line3x and 4x modes.

    Any ideas? I admit I’m just the best when it comes to adjusting the sync settings so I will take any help I can get there!


    I am no expert but I used my OSSC 1.6 with SNES with no problem at all!

    I remember I seen a video on youtube, a guy said that he had the same issue, and that was because of the scart cable was cheap!

    and Btw, maybe that will help you, I use the Scart cable from retro gaming cables!

    Are you using a cheap scart cable?


    Nope, I don’t think so! I’m using a cable from Retro Access’ eBay store, prior to the new site they have. Their other cables have left me happy. In fact, I actually have two SNES cables from them (1 CSYNC, 1 standard) and both of them show the same problem on both consoles. Hmmm.

    Tried again with my Saturn And Genesis and they seem fine. No weird sync skips. I’ll try a couple of additional tests and see what I can come up with.


    I’ve only just received the card, so I’m still tinkering with all the settings and whatnot, but so far, the Magewell USB Capture HDMI (Gen 2) seems to work pretty well with my Genesis and my Saturn and seems to support 3x, 4x, and 5x (and it works on Mac).

    Streets of Rage 2:

    Castlevania: Bloodlines


    Hi there

    I don’t know if anyone talked about this somewhere else in the forum but the El gato HD60Pro seems to be more compatible with OSSC than what it looks.
    Elgato has release a directshow driver, it cames up with the lastest updates for this capture card.
    Thanks to this driver it’s now possible to capture more resolutions from the OSSC (but you have to drop the elgato software for something else, like amarec or obs or both)
    I’ve been using a cheap upscaler SCART+HDMI to HDMI between my OSSC and my HD60Pro to be able to record anything but it was messing up the aspect ratios and colors.
    So I did some record on various consoles, note that I’m not an expert in video encoding.

    Megadrive 2 NTSC-J

    Dreamcast NTSC-J

    PS2 Slim PAL


    Hi. I just ended up buying a Elgato Cam Link because of this thread. I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k and it does not play nice with the OSSC. With the Sega Dreamcast VGA it works to an extent in 480p pass through. The NTSC Sega Saturn via SCART I get a rolling picture in 2x and blank for everything else. All modes with the Saturn work with my TV.



    I’ve had a look through the thread and couldn’t see my capture device listed:

    Avermedia LGP Lite

    Well, I’d like to confirm the OSSC is compatible with this device. The included software doesn’t seem to like it at all and says there’s no signal, but I’ve been using OBS Studio which recognises it just fine. The only problem is, it works in 2x just fine, but anything above that and it refuses to resize the image to fit the screen, resulting in most of the picture being cut off. I don’t know if this can be resolved or not.

    The pass-through image works fine for me on all but 5x. Although 5x might just be my monitor not playing ball. I’ve tested so far with a PlayStation 2, a Megadrive (model 2) and Amiga 1200. All via SCART.

    Cheers for producing such a wonderful line scaler 🙂


    Live Gamer Portable 2
    SNES, Gamecube, PS2 (all PAL consoles using RGB SCART cables)
    Works in 2x but nothing above that.

    Sega Mega Drive (PAL, Model 1 with stereo RGB SCART cable)
    Sound is captured but no image.

    Everthing shows up on my tv just fine. I used RECentral and OBS to test this. Haven’t really messed around with the settings too much though.

    Edit: I bought an Elgato Cam Link like some people suggested and I’m getting much better results. It goes all the way up to 5x with no major problems.


    Strange I have the Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus here and PAL is no problem for it.


    Startech USB3HDCAP – older driver found on “TheTrillness” blog, based on the Micomsoft Xcapture1 drivers.

    OSSC outputs split between TV and Capture card (for testing) using a Startech 4K60 HDMI splitter.

    Works at 2-4x with these consoles (240p):

    60hz modded PAL MegaDrive
    JP SFAMICOM (non 1-chip)
    60hz modded PAL Saturn

    Works at 3x for RGB modded PAL N64 playing NTSC titles via everdrive (61Hz output – yes, 61hz)

    Works at 2x for Wii 480p via YPbPr, Dreamcast 480p via SCART (Toro), PS2 RGsB 480p, and any consoles that output 480i (high Res modes on SNES/Saturn/MegaDrive – Sonic2 multiplayer for example).

    Issues with SuperCIC 60hz modded PAL 1-CHIP SNES. Image seems to jitter/flicker occasionally. This does not present an issue on my TV in any mode (2-5x).

    Using the original GSCARTSW I can run the OSSC’s HDMI, and RGB (via the GSCARTSW’S second, VGA-style output) to the card at the same time for comparisons. The OSSC does look noticeably better, but not so much that I would give up using 5x mode on the TV in order to preserve compatibility with the capture card. Additionally I play with scanlines, which I would have to give up due to them looking terrible onstream 😉


    I’m using a micomsoft sc-512n1-l/dvi / PEXHDCAP60L depending on where you got it from and I’m having a problem with the Super Nintendo described here.×240-optim-mode-flickering-w-yuan-sc512-n1-l/ The solutions in the thread didn’t work and I would really love to use Line 4x with my SNES without the flicker. Does anyone have any ideas?

    On my monitor everything works perfectly fine except for 5x, but I can live without it and I swear Line 3x and 4x worked perfectly fine on my capture card when I first got the OSSC and I didn’t change drivers until recently trying to fix the problem.


    I am so glad I found out about the Cam Link on here.

    I usually use an Elgato HD60 Pro, but results from that are erratic at best. The Camlink will capture any mode I throw at it – although Elgato’s own software will still say it doesn’t support certain screen modes despite showing the screen for a split second and still outputting the sound (most notable on 960p modes)

    Capturing via 3rd party software, such as OBS, fixes this issue.

    Youtube overview, here:


    I’m currently using the Datapath VisionLC-HD2 internal capture card. In combination with my Sega genesis model 1+CD+32x , sega saturn , master system , neo geo aes , neo geo cd , dreamcast , nintendo 64 , supergun , pc engine duo R, playstation 1 and playstation 2 work flawlessly..

    However my SNES and AV Famicom (rgb modded) have a strange flicker at the top of the display on the OSSC roughly 10% of the screen from the top going only an inch or so down.

    Currently using Xsplit since I have a lifetime pass for it

    Would love some help on getting this fixed up


    Bought a Cam Link on the advice on this forum, however so far its been a total disaster. It freezes constantly in OBS no matter what I do. At first I thought maybe it had something to do with using a modded PAL MD, but then I swapped to my Genesis and the same thing happens. I don’t even have to start recording or streaming, after a few seconds the video output seems to just stop (but the audio continues coming through). Deactivating and reactivating brings the video back for another few seconds and then it freezes again. Sometimes it lasts way longer before freezing, theres just no pattern to it. I know theres nothing wrong with the OSSC, I’ve played it on my monitor in 4x and its completely stable. I can’t find anyone else with this problem.

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