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    @buckoA51 Please put the Cloner Alliance Flint 4kp plus at the TOP of the List or do a shout out. Save people time and effort. It works flawlessly. I have posted about it many times and it still hasn’t been added to the top of the thread. I have stopped the notifications of this forum thread as I have tried many times to point people to the promised land. Otherwise this forum is just people wasting their time and money.




    The ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus is unavailable outside of CONUS. So maybe that is why not a lot of people have picked it up yet.

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    I’ve been completely fed up with the USB3HDCAP drivers, but it’s the only capture card that is capable of capturing the SNES’s OSSC output. Upon seeing this thread, I purchased the ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus and tested it, and it works like a dream. This is not sponsored or anything, it literally was just plug and play. I could not believe it. There are 2 downsides so far – 1 is that it shows the resolution as a grey bar when it changes, which isn’t a huge issue. 2 is that in OBS, to get audio, you have to manually add it as a separate audio source, but that might not be a downside to you. An additional downside on some Amazon reviews said it stopped working after a time, but that could just be duds. I’ve had it less than a day so I cannot speak to that.

    I made some video tests to prove that it does indeed work with the SNES specifically.

    Here is a short sample of the SNES via the OSSC with Generic 4:3 and with Firebrandx’s Optimal Timings, at line2x, line3x, line4x, and line5x:

    Gameplay on SNES with optimal timings and some OBS filters:

    The filters I used are:
    1. crop to game content
    2. Point scale to 256×224, or use Total’s 240p filter ( )
    3. Area scale to 960×720
    It is set to 601, Full

    Gameplay from Switch at 1080p:


    Biggest thing to notice is that on line5x there was a horizontal line of distortion that appeared briefly, and you can see in the scroll tests its a little stuttery. As far as I can tell, it’s probably just dropping the frames as the SNES framerate exceeds 60hz

    Update: After using it a bit I have come across some USB issues. This could be because of my particular setup, or some cables. First, I used the included USB-C to USB 3.0 cable with the included USB-C 3.0 adapter, and noticed 2 problems – 1 is my computer crashed entirely, twice. The other was that my mouse and external numpad, which are connected through a USB switcher (to switch mouse+keyboard from my work laptop to personal laptop) would occasionally lose and regain power. Since then, tested a USB-C to USB-C cable I had lying around on the USB-C port and got some really bad distortion, so I swapped back to the included USB-C to USB 3.0 cable, in a standard port. This works fine, except that the USB issue still continues, but I haven’t had a crash yet. I haven’t tested this for an extended period of time yet. So, still works, but is a bit finnicky on the USB.

    Update 2: I’ve successfully used this to record in OBS (while removing my finnicky USB switcher) for an 11 hour period (not gaming content). I did this a second night, but it froze the video partly through! The audio continued to play. However, I did find this in their help section:
    Basically, if you’re getting video freezing but audio continues, you may have to disable CPU C-States in your BIOS. I can’t say this for sure, because that help text was on a different card, but it appeared to work for me for another 11 hour period.

    Side note, it also is an HDCP stripper, which is really nice.

    Updating again! Someone asked me to test some other stuff, and suggested enabling disabling buffering, so I did a quick few extra tests:

    Buffering (On/Off) Scroll + Gameplay Test:

    Buffering (On/Off) Audio Sync Test:

    OSSC – SNES Power Cycle/Reset Button Startup Delay Test:

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    I use a Razer Ripsaw HD.
    I can’t record PS2 Gameplay. I see a Black Picture in OBS. But I can hear the PS2 Sound.
    I can play with the OSSC, i see a Picture in my Monitor.

    Did I forget something or make a Misstake (Did I need a HDMI Splitter)?

    I have the 0.81 Firmware and a 1.7 OSSC.
    I can’t currently update my OSSC

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    SNES + OSSC + Avermedia Live Gamer Mini = No image.
    Works with other consoles (but quality is not the best).


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    Has anyone tested this thing with 256×240 optimized x5? Or any other similarly priced ones.
    I had something similar before and it scaled anything thrown at it as a fixed 1080/60 in pass-tru (and in OBS it was outputting as MJPEG 1080/60).
    LineX5 optimized 256×240 worked great in pass-tru mode on unsupported TVs.

    Now I am in need of replacement, but don’t want to buy randomly.

    Corey DeFrancesco

    Can someone please help me find a capture card that supports a GBS Control –> OSSC chain? I use this setup for my PS2 games. IT runs through GBS first, and then OSSC, and results in a 1000p signal (according to the OSSC’s LED screen). I bought one capture card that straight up didn’t work with it, the AverMedia ExtremeCap UVC BU110. Need help guys. Thanks


    Hi there! I’ve made an account just because I feel as though I need to update everyone on the current state of the ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus. I bought it, based on (what I am sure at the time was correct) good word of the users of this forum only to be woefully disappointed in its handling of consoles that output ~59.82Hz. This is the output from my NTSC-J Sega Saturn and my Nintendo Wii in 240p mode.

    As it seems the card is locked to 60fps, every few seconds there is a noticeable screen tear on the screen. Fair enough for a card that may have cost £20, but for £189.99 I expected a lot better. Chances are, the guts of this thing might have been tweaked as I’ve not seen anyone else complain about the tearing.

    Here’s a video demonstrating this tearing:

    Maybe you’ll have better luck than me, but I cannot recommend this card if you want to play either of the above consoles.

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