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    I would like to record (not streaming) some gaming footage using the followig setups with PS1, PS2, GC, Wii (u), Dreamcast, N64, PSP.

    1-4x Line with 240p
    480p 2x Line

    I guess 480i/576i ossc passthru will not work? or maybe there is a workaround?


    Sorry for the double post. Which hdmi splitter (from EU sellers) should I use for the elgato 4k cam and it is possible to capture 240p (with elgato cam 4k without line doubling)?


    After several days of searching for the suitable capture card I found the golden one. 🙂
    First I planed to buy the 4k cam link but unfortunatey the cam is not able to capture 240p passthru and other resoltuions like psp mode. So I kept looking and found this channel: the owner is using the elgato hd60 s+ (Important: not the standard edition without +) in combination with OBS. I was able to test the card today and so far every resolution I use in my setup/setting worked perfectly (except 480i 3x Laced as expected).

    240p Passthru, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x Line (including optimal timings for all modes)
    480i Passthru, 2x Line, 4x Line
    480p 2x Line
    1080i,2x Line

    Even changing v and I was able to record footage. Also working with mclassic except the sound is off.
    As long you set the correct resolution in OBS you will get the correct ratio.
    The only downside is the card is losing connection when the game or me changing resolution. I guess a scaler should be helful in this scenario.

    Here is some footage which I recorded (the youtube compression is horrible)

    OSSC Passthru – OSSC 4x Line (bob) and 1080p forced via GSM:

    Crash Bandicoot 5x Line optimal timings:​

    Wave Race (with widescreen hack) 4x Line and optimal timings:​

    if you have any questions feel free to ask.


    I have just purchased the ClonerAlliance 4kp plus.
    So maybe you all know about this capture device already. I had a look at this thread to help with my decision but it seems a lot of people reporting issues, rather than a simple list of ones that work. Maybe I just need to learn how to navigate forums and there is a list that gets updated. I have only just set it up, but it is supposed to work with all ossc modes.
    I will report my findings soon.



    The EVGA XR1 is incompatible with SNES.

    Line2x: Wrong color
    Line3-4x: Image interference
    Line5x : Right color, Image is shifted and shows disturbance
    Passthrough: Right color but disconnections


    I have the Cloner Alliance Flint 4kp plus and so far it works with all consoles and ossc settings I have tried. Any issues I have had are purely down to my own lack of knowledge with setting inside OBS and other settings. Hope this helps people with their decision. Fantastic device that I can’t fault at all.



    @jiggle85 also with SNES?


    Hey guys been looking for a new capture card and have been weighing these options (in similar budget):

    – Razer Ripsaw HD
    – Avermedia Live Gamer Mini / LGM
    – Elgato Camlink 4k

    I can’t find much online or in this thread aside use cases with the original versions of the camlink or ripsaw, which are separate cards to the ones I listed above. The ones above are the supposedly ‘improved’ versions. So I’m curious if compatibility has changed. Does anyone here use any of these cards and does anyone have any recommendations?


    I thought I said before but the *Cloner Alliance Flint 4Kp plus* is the one that should be on all your shopping lists. It handles everything and is perfect with the OSSC on every console I’ve tried. 2x3x4x5x It just works. Hopefully this helps others. As all I see in this thread is peoples issues with other cards. Trust me it is perfect for use with the OSSC.


    I managed to get my SNES working with my Elgato HD60 Pro after a few hours of banging my head against the wall, but it requires some weird extra steps to work. If I start OBS (or Elgato’s own Game Capture software) in anything except Line5X at 1920×1080 I will be unable to get a signal by switching modes. I must make sure the OSSC is set to Line5X before I start the video capture. Unfortunately, the SNES only works with Line2X, so how do I get the capture card working for the SNES if I can’t start it in Line2X mode you ask? Well, this is what I do.

    – Connect my Genesis to the OSSC (which does work with the capture card at 5X for some reason)
    – Turn the OSSC on and switch to Line5X at 1920×1080
    – Open OBS
    – Switch to Line2X quickly
    – Unplug the Genesis and connect the SNES

    Voila! If I skip the Genesis and just boot up OBS with the SNES at Line5X before switching to Line2X it doesn’t work. It seems like the capture card needs to start with a solid signal at 1080p before you can switch to 480p. If I close OBS and reopen it the video signal is lost. Fortunately, resetting the SNES or powering it off and on persists the video signal.

    And just to be thorough, the OSSC works with the SNES and my other systems at any Line mode on both my TV and via my capture card’s passthrough. It’s just capturing the video that doesn’t work without this hassle.

    I have no idea why this works or why I can’t switch to Line2X after the video capture is active. I’m not sure if it’s the capture card or the OSSC. This is mostly academic though. I’ll probably end up buying that Cloner card that jiggle is recommending.


    Finally! I’m so glad someone has seen my recommendation. I don’t own a SNES; I’m aware it can act a little funny if you want optimal timings over generic. All I can say is the Flint 4kp plus works with everything I have tried. You should run all your consoles 1080p 5x mode anyway! Trust me, it’s the way to go. Otherwise, why have an ossc? I’m more than happy to help you, show you the capture card working?! Very passionate about getting people playing their old stuff on flat panels. Here to help. I am on Twitch at
    Or you could email me;

    This VGP forum is kind of silly. Everyone is just soldiering on with their incompatible cards. Rather than finding out what works.
    Anyway. Get in touch if you like.
    Happy gaming.


    Thanks for the offer, but while googling the card I found a review where the reviewer said it worked perfectly with the SNES at 1080p 5x. They included video footage too for proof. If it works with the SNES and you say it works with other systems then that’s good enough for me. My Elgato might work with some fiddling, but you’re right that I don’t want to run my games at 480p.

    Here’s the review I was talking about:


    Amazon just dropped off the ClonerAlliance 4k plus earlier today and I was testing it out with the SNES. I can back up what jiggle says because the thing works with any signal that you throw at it. It supports all Line modes for the SNES and every Line5X format (1920×1080, 1600×1200, 1920×1200). This thing even works with the 240p passthru mode if for some reason you like your games blurry. And just to be clear, I have not done the dejitter mod. It’s an unmodded, standard, off-the-shelf from 1991 SNES. Unrelated to the OSSC, but it also works fine with my NES using the Retrotink Mini (I’m too lazy to RGB mod).

    This is a great card and I recommend it for anyone who wants something relatively cheap that just works. I have a bunch of other retro consoles, so if anyone wants me to test a specific system just like me know.


    I tried the Elgato HD60+ , and it is horrible. Frameskips galore when using OBS, and the default capture software from Elgato just does not work well with the OSSC – it refuses to pass the correct aspect ratio when recording.
    I sent the device back, it is just not compatible.


    I’ve been going on about it like 5 times! I hope the Cloner Alliance Flint 4kp plus is on the top of the compatibility list by now. If not, this thread is just silly. Get the 4kp plus. It works. It’s affordable. It’s great.

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