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Hey there! Been using an OSSC for a while and have been extremely happy with the results so far. I decided to update my capture device to a Elgato Cam Link.. Most systems work fine with it and exceeded my expectations, both on my monitor and the Cam Link. SNES, however, seems to be the weird edge case as always. It works okay for the MOST part, but then will flicker very quickly, as if losing sync. This is similar to what was is ChowW’s video, but extremely brief. The monitor has no such flicker, so I figure it’s got to be something with how the device is receiving it. Have an example of what it looks like when this happens!


It’s usually for only one frame and then the picture reverts.

I tried a few of settings Hypertreme mentioned above and I couldn’t tell if it was working or not in the long haul. This also happens on both Line3x and 4x modes.

Any ideas? I admit I’m just the best when it comes to adjusting the sync settings so I will take any help I can get there!