Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


Ok, I understand, you’re trying to test if you’re screen is compatible, using that software right?

Maybe you’ll find useful, this google sheet I put together of the OSSC default sampling values.

OSSC default sampling parameters

If you have a NeoGeo or PAL PSX (which have additional lines), there is a page on the wiki with modelines if you want to test compatibility.

unlike generic which samples AFTER multiplication of the standard 428 sampling value.

Horizontal sampling values in generic mode is input directly and not calculated via multiplications. Once you have the OSSC in front of you, you will see that you can enter any value for those parameters, regardless of line multiplication mode (within the limits of OSSC sampling capability, of course).
There are however some adjustments applied internally “under the hood”, eg in Lx5 mode (and I think Lx3 mode). See e.g. here:

Also it can be noted that sync polarity is always negative, as Marqs described here: