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Startech USB3HDCAP – older driver found on “TheTrillness” blog, based on the Micomsoft Xcapture1 drivers.

OSSC outputs split between TV and Capture card (for testing) using a Startech 4K60 HDMI splitter.

Works at 2-4x with these consoles (240p):

60hz modded PAL MegaDrive
JP SFAMICOM (non 1-chip)
60hz modded PAL Saturn

Works at 3x for RGB modded PAL N64 playing NTSC titles via everdrive (61Hz output – yes, 61hz)

Works at 2x for Wii 480p via YPbPr, Dreamcast 480p via SCART (Toro), PS2 RGsB 480p, and any consoles that output 480i (high Res modes on SNES/Saturn/MegaDrive – Sonic2 multiplayer for example).

Issues with SuperCIC 60hz modded PAL 1-CHIP SNES. Image seems to jitter/flicker occasionally. This does not present an issue on my TV in any mode (2-5x).

Using the original GSCARTSW I can run the OSSC’s HDMI, and RGB (via the GSCARTSW’S second, VGA-style output) to the card at the same time for comparisons. The OSSC does look noticeably better, but not so much that I would give up using 5x mode on the TV in order to preserve compatibility with the capture card. Additionally I play with scanlines, which I would have to give up due to them looking terrible onstream 😉