Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


Nice find. That’s the exact problem I expected some people to run into with the forced aspect ratio. For the displays that will accept 1440×1080, that’s pretty much perfection for PAL. Samsung TV’s can force 4:3 so the 2200 H Samplerate / 1920 Active way works on those.

For the sake of it though, I’ll try it the 1938 / 1440 on the little Samsung TV I have.

EDIT: I just get mode not supported on the Samsung, but the good thing is that since it allows 4:3 it works fine with 2460 / 1920 🙂

UPDATE: It seems my 22″ Samsung TV (UE22D5003BW) reacts very oddly to 480p x2. If I switch to it from passthrough, then the TV reports 1440×900 but the image is way too big, but then when I power cycle the TV with it still on x2, the entire 1440×960 window is on screen and scaled full size while the TV still seems to report 1440×900. I mean I’m happy that it works on it, but it behaves so strangely.