Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


Just wondering, has anyone that is stuck in Lx2 that uses NTSC consoles ever tried doing either of these tweaks to get Lx3 in generic 4:3 (assuming the tweaks on page 1 and the 1366×768 tweak marqs shared don’t work for you)?

I’m just wondering since almost every TV supports 1024×768 and this seems to work on my very fussy Panasonic TV. The only downside is the picture will be shifted to the right, but it would sure beat Lx2.

Decrease H. Active to 768, increase V. Active to 256, decrease H. Samplerate to 981, increase H. Synclen to 61 and then finally, decrease V. Backporch until you get an image.

The other way is if your TV supports 1280×768 like mine seems to, and if the tweak on the first page doesn’t seem to work for you.

Basically, this one is the same trick for 3x that’s already listed on the first page, except first you increase H. Samplerate to 1221 and H. Synclen to 100, then do the same as the rest of the tweak (increase V. Active to 256 and decrease V. Backporch until you get an image).

Again, I’m not sure if these have already been mentioned, but I figured those out by messing about on my really fussy Panasonic TV.

Also, I’m seeing people with TV’s like Bravia’s that support these resolutions, including 1360×768 saying they’re stuck in Lx2. For 1360×768, try increasing H. Active to 1020, V. Active to 256, H. samplerate to 1320, H. Synclen to 110 and then decrease V. Backporch until you get an image (about 2). Technically this should work and the TV should pick it up as 1360×768.